Last Thursday I held my 3rd Entrepreneurs Meetup event in Tel-Aviv. I think about 60 people attended and it went very well. The day before I had those regular jitters and “what if’s” annoying thoughts, but once I cleared those I knew the jitters will go away too.


The Tel-Aviv-Yafo Entrepreneurs Meetup group was established via the web site by a fellow entrepreneur, Gadi Guy. The basic idea is to create an online community over the web site, which actually gets out and meets, in the real world, for some real live networking. I was appointed organizer of the group about 4 months ago and took it very seriously. It shows: we are up from barely 12 who showed up to the November meeting (5 of them personal friends) to approximately 60 on each of the following meetups which I organized and unfortunately had to close registration to at some point.


Strangely enough only a year ago I dreaded networking. I would go to a public event not knowing where to place myself. Thinking once to often about where I am looking (“don’t stare!”) and how I am holding my hands (“don’t cross them!”) or what the hell am I supposed to say to create that magic called networking. With the help and guidance of my amazing business coach, Ziv Malbin, I learned how to do it. Still getting those jitters every time, but able to perform.


Networking is one of the best marketing tools available to us. It has always been this way, but in these last several years, networking has taken on more faces and formats than we can list or follow. Online networking has brought this on and the current trends show that online is definitely not taking the place of real-life networking, it’s only enhancing it, magically, wildly and beyond our wildest imagination, taking us to places we never thought we could reach.


This post will be continued…