As early as 1996 I downloaded and installed ICQ on my PC. Got a 6 digits user ID, and am pretty proud of it. This was my debut at the online networking experience. This was the debut of the online networking. That was the beginning of transferring real life relationship onto the World Wide Web platform. We invited our friends to download and register and slowly added to our list of contacts. Some were colleagues, some were friends or family. In a collectors trans we sometimes added people with whom we wouldn’t have necessarily kept in touch without this little client.


About two months ago I have decided to catch up on my online networking. I dedicated a complete working week to joining or updating my profile on: Facebook, Xing, Ning with several relevant sub-networks, Spoke and Spock, Friendster (joined and left), A small world, 2 Yahoo groups, several Facebook groups, 3 Meetup groups, Plaxo pulse, and even Bitwine and Kasamba.


It took precedence over the long due update of my business web site. Actually, last week, I worked on the creation of my blog, which also seemed a more valuable event for my business networking than the update of the official business web site.


This is a strange, yet a refreshing trend, bringing more reality into the virtual. It seems that there is a better chance of my potential client encountering my profile on Facebook and reading my blog, than of any potential client locating me through relevant key words on Google and going into my official web site before checking out the rest.

I mean, I check my potential clients too. I google them then I try to look for them on any available social network to see what they are saying about themselves, and more importantly – who are they connected with. If they have more than 300 contacts on any single network, they are classified as “contacts collectors” and that list is rendered totally insignificant to estimate who this person is. Unfortunately, some people will reduce the significance of my network if I am connected to a 300+ contacts-collectors…