I am afraid that the title might be too promising. But lately I have been playing around with my own vision and wondering how much of the vision we may create for our businesses is made of lies.


These are either small lies or simple illusions. Promises we are making to ourselves first, and then, after convincing ourselves, these promises suddenly turn into a public vision of a company.


I have been working with entrepreneurs for years now. I always get enthusiastic. Innovation moves me. But in time, I learned that the best service I can provide them with is my realistic, sometimes cynic, look on things. The difficult questions. A much more realistic and accurate vision emerges after such a process.


My problem is that I don’t have me to provide myself with those tough disillusioning questions. So I have been gathering around me the sharpest most respectful minds I can think of for pinging my ideas.


A realization is forming. Slowly but surely. A new vision is emerging. A vision of entrepreneurship.