I am looking for a partner, or two partners, to join my new startup. This is crazy. I mean there is no company yet. It’s an idea spread on many web pages and doc files. And although I have been so many times in and with startup companies, it’s hard to understand that jump from the paper to real life.

It is not my first ever idea, but this one, unlike the previous ones, is burning in my bones. I just know there is something to it and it’s a project I must execute or I will regret it for the rest of my life.

I need to find a partner, or partners, with whom I can share this burning sensation. But it suddenly occurred to me, married for 20 years, that finding a partner is a marriage situation. Indeed, there are no kids in this system, but down the road, you do get to be responsible for the livelihood of others, and this is a serious obligation.

So beside the professional qualities this partner should bring in, like the technical knowledge which I lack, I made out a list of characteristics and personal qualities.

The first and foremost is the rhythm. My partner has to be a quick thinker, quick reacting, action person. One that has completed the assignment before we even ended talking about it. One that after we meet, will be sending me an enthusiastic email to keep things moving. Can’t work with people who take their time (days) in responding to my email.

The second must is creative thinking. No one can ever partner with me if they don’t have a creative spirit. Creativity is key factor in the success of any business. Let alone a startup.

The third must is knowledge. There is nothing I value more than knowledgeable people. People who learn constantly from anything around them. People who absorb knowledge with every breath they take.

I am sure there are more qualities I haven’t listed here. But the search has begun.