Jeff Pulver is an international seasoned business man, who travels for breakfast. He is also a social networking guru. He has almost 5000 contacts on Facebook. Two months ago I met Jeff at one of his Social Networking Breakfast, I think it was the first one he did in Tel-Aviv. The event was organized via Facebook. To prepare for the event Jeff sent to people the following Pulver Kit Video. The idea, if I am to simplify it, is to take tools that we know from web based social networking, into the real world. People tag themselves, and they tag other people they meet.

I decided to run a little experiment. I took three 8th graders (my daughter and 2 friends) with me to the event. They had to watch the Pulver Kit video first, and I also showed them how ning works. Then I let told them that their assignment is to tag others and get tagged. The event was a huge success. Jeff, said it was the largest breakfast event he ever held. More than 150 people attended the cafe at the port of Tel-Aviv. The girls were a little hesitant at the beginning but quickly understood the spirits and became a hit. Look at them here, interviewed by Jeff: Noa, Shaii & Keshet

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At the end of the event I told them that I thought of throwing a similar event for all the 8th graders (finishing elementary and going to various hi-schools next year) and that this can serve as a good basis to create their own network, aimed at keep in touch.

The girls said that what they really enjoyed is meeting new and interesting people and they would rather do an event with the 7th graders or even an event with the 8th graders’ parents!

They have discovered the greatness of social networking. The ability to meet other people and talk to them like equals. The ability to learn of things one may never reach without the great borderless social networking.

On the way they back they were already discussing how to connect to teenagers like themselves from other cities and nationalities.

Now they are open!