So they got a 3-letter dot-com domain. Very cool sounding. Very hip. Does good work conveying the short, quick and up-to-date spirit. But is this name good enough for marketing purposes?

I tried typing the name of the company in Google. Got about 1.5 million results. First 3 results where unrelated. The company’s domain was 4th. Followed by a very long list of unrelated results, some included the 3-letter domain dot some other country. Somewhere around result number 25 I found the Techcrunch article covering the company. The company’s blog was result number 42.

Now let me just get this clear: I am not attacking the company’s SEO expert. Even if the best work would have been carried out and our company with the 3-letter name would have occupied all first 5 entries on Google, they would still have problem marketing.

Here are some reasons why:

Apparently, there are many uses for the company’s 3-lettered name. It is short for something in windows, it is used in several other software or tech solutions product or company names, it involves some European organization, it makes a part of the name of many companies all over the world.

That means that its uniqueness in not assured.

That usually translates to problems trade marking the name.

But really, the very basic: Think of the viral or word of mouth which is an essential basis for acquiring customers. First customer tells potential customer: “Hey, check out this XYZ company. Look’em up…”.

Now go fish.