Following a periodical analysis of my on-going consulting business I have decided, a couple of days ago, to create a survey. The purpose of this survey, like the purpose of most surveys, is to learn the habits, way of thinking and behavior of my target audiences.

In this case, I am trying to understand the pattern of using experts by hi-tech entrepreneurs. If you are one and would like to contribute to my understanding of this subject – please go to: and continue reading this post later.

Over the last couple of years I have been testifying to work like a missionary, investing widely in distributing my philosophy and belief. I believe that one may have the most amazing, original and revolutionary idea ever, but it’s worth nothing if it is not communicated in the right way to the appropriate target audiences, which change over the company’s lifetime.

The comments and responses I received encouraged me to stick to my specialty – communications strategies. However, “communications strategies”, as a title, is a communications challenge in itself. Most entrepreneurs in Israel may know what is a strategic consultant, a marketing consultant, a branding firm, a graphic designer or what a public relations firm do, but when you use the uncommon term, “communications strategist”, they are puzzled and do not know what type of services to expect under this title.

Let me clarify that I didn’t come up with this title. Google “communications strategist” and you may find nearly 40,000 results. However, search for a “strategic consultant” and you will get almost double.

The way I see it, a communications strategist is the best help a young start-up can get. It includes relevant aspects of strategic consulting, marketing consulting and branding all squeezed into a more concentrated and efficient process. Companies at more advanced stages may benefit from a communications strategist when facing , for example, or other specific challenges.

But what really matters is how the market perceives communications strategies, if at all. I hope this survey will help me answer this question.