A funny realization came to me last week. I am getting younger by the minute. Professionally.

When I started my career, my working life, I was a 16 year old journalist among veterans 20-30 years older than myself. Had to prove I was worth something, had to work hard and grow fast.

When I left my journalistic career 15 years later and started my career on the web I worked with people who were about my age or older.

My path in the hi-tech avenue has lead me to meet new and exciting people. Gradually age has become insignificant. In this new world, everyone with a good idea has a respectable place. Which makes it even more exciting.

In the past several years I worked a lot with people younger than myself. I crossed the 40 barrier without hesitation, enjoying the shocked faces and went on to network with even younger audiences, from whom I learn constantly. The growing number of party invitations are the main hint to the age-environment I am now a part of.

In the past several months I have been getting deeper into networking and more and more into games and virtual worlds. I crossed the 16 and plunged into the 12 year olds. Now I am the hip mom, who discovers to her kids and their friends all the great news about the latest games and virtual worlds. My kids’ friends send me messages and emails and I am in a very young place. Exactly where I should be to design my startup. But really, very, very, young…