A tribute to my grandmother, who past away last night, 3 months away from her 101 birthday.

My grandmother, Sara Sorkin was a born entrepreneur and a vibrant doer. Startupseeds would have loved to recruit ladies like her. But they came nearly 100 years too late.

I am not sure I know all her stories or that my knowledge is accurate. But I know that she established her first venture at the age of 14. Young Sara loved to read and discovered “the pain” very easily when there was no accessible library anywhere near her small town in Poland. So she began traveling, touring and collecting books and opened a town’s library, to the joy and happiness of the youth and the whole community.

At the age of 19 she was busy with her second entrepreneurship, hiring assistant dressmakers to help supply the demands for cloths of the town.

The biggest entrepreneurship move was coming to Israel as a pioneer and helping to build towns and villages.

She settled in joyful Tel-Aviv during the 40’s of the 20th century. A party girl, very much like the young entrepreneurs I am meeting daily. “Oh, the beach parties,” she sighed longingly when she told her history to my daughter, only 2 years ago, “the movies, and the dance halls…”


That’s when she met my grandfather and married him. In Tel-Aviv she continued her sewing business, on Nahalat-Binyamin Street.

Always working, always managing, she continued to supervise the family’s cloths and affairs for ages… An active, strong willed women, who loved to laugh and gave us a lot to grow on.

We are saying goodbye now. You will always live within us.