I don’t have to submit a vacation request to my employer. I am an independent consultant, after all. I can come and go as I please. Last year I had heavy doubts before I dared to take some time off during the summer with the family. This year it was a little easier.

I still worry about taking a vacation without jeopardizing my one-person-show business. The same questions keep popping into my head about when to stop and then how to restart. But the summer has its own pace and a vacation seems to be a part of it.
Seeking approval I discussed this topic on the DEI (Digital Eve Israel) list last year. Got reassurances all around. Some suggested using blackberry or a laptop, other suggested a complete relax, provided I don’t leave a project in its course. Last year was OK: I finished a project just before going and got back days before the beginning of the new school year, marker of new projects beginnings.

So here is a quick reminder why a vacation can happen even when you are a sole proprietor:
-The fact is that I am a marketing and communications consultant. I am not solving global warming. The world won’t end if I’m gone a week or even two.
-I must inform clients and contacts in time, finalize projects before the vacation. Plan the schedule so it won’t interfere with significant clients’ events. Go for August, most people all over the world are going for August anyway. How significant can anything done on August be?
-I try not to start new projects until after my getaway. And tell everybody. Set a vacation response for my email.

Go for it.
I just want to turn off my brain and stop the ongoing convincing. The summer is slower anyway. Let’s look for a totally different environment. An internet connection is preferable – but I am setting myself in a vacation mode. No emergencies. I want all the family to relax into a non-emergencies atmosphere. Enjoy each other’s enjoyment. Fill your lungs with air and water your eyes with fresh sites.


Next: getting back.