I like surprises. I am not easily excited by surprises. But here is one that did get to me: The Peace Game that my daughter suggested. Check out this link.

She took me by surprise my daughter. After only a single encounter with a debate lesson, no real interest in politics and a couple of weeks following the mepeace.org network, she is sailing away to creating better, or promising, places.

It’s unlike http://www.peacemakergame.com/ , the first middle-east peace game, which can clarify the complexity of the peace making process, but was finished by my kids in about 20 minutes once they “figures out the trick”. Her thinking plays along the lines of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) and real-people social networking the way she knows it, to the very real troublesome reality we live in and our aching wish for peace.

Enjoying her thinking, naivety and daring I would like to challenge the games development community, including some personal friends on this industry, to show off their abilities by contributing to this so important game idea.

So here is what she wants to do, quoting:
Create two groups, one represents Israel, the 2nd the Syrians, Lebanese, Palestinians etc. (changeable). It is advisable that the number of Players will be equal in both groups or at least nearly equal.

The Game:
Each group needs to collect information on the country it represent and about its relationship with the negotiating country so it will select goals and issues, on which it can or cannot compromise. Information collected must also include internal groups of each country. When the two groups are ready the negotiation starts.
Each group presents its positions and demands and tries to accomplish the maximum achievement with minimum concessions, without forgetting that the goal is a peace agreement.

The game is over when you reach a peace agreement. But it won’t be a game without a winner. Who wins? Not groups! Every team selects a winner from the opposing team, according to the efforts this person did or a crucial step that helped reach the agreement. In other words, the winner is the one that can teach our politicians a thing or two.

Important remark:
It is desirable that Israelis will be in the Arab groups and vice versa, as it is important to understand the other side.
When you sign up for the game please state on which team you prefer to be. Country selection will be made once the participants list is full (at least 10 members per team).

Groups are set on the mepeace.org web site.