As an ex senior financial reporter I can’t really ignore the global financial state as if it doesn’t concern me at all. However, the ex clarifies I no longer experience the waves of adrenalin I used to have during previous local and global financial dramas I covered in the past. Many people are really worried about the crisis. I chose not to. Not because there is no reason to worry, but because it is a waste of energy and attention. Nowadays I have so many things I can worry about, I can be picky and decide what I should be concerned about and what I shouldn’t.

Global financials will have to wait. Strangely enough, this situation strengthens my belief in the philanthropic business model I am planning for my startup company. So before I waste any gloomy thoughts about the financials, I prefer to dedicate this gloominess to the state of education. There I feel I can do something. Turn the gloominess into a warrior energy. Make a difference. I wish I could share this feeling with more people. That would make even a greater difference.

People, -yes! education is something we can all affect. Unlike huge mortgage banks… On this page, we can leave our footprint.

Will you join me?