Recently I was told by a friend that non-profit investments in Internet (social) ventures will not slow down at the same rate as investments made in similar projects for profit. I went back to that article I read last February on the NY Times titled “A capitalist jolt for charity“, by Steve Lohr. I keep getting back to this article because it deals with the hottest topics on my daily agenda – education Internet, and also for and non profit investments in hi-tech.

As someone who was once a senior financial reporter I must admit this is not the first financial crisis I have encountered. Of course each one always seem worst than the previous one, but experience shows we can’t predict the future. Not really. We can guess, assume, or offer our expert opinions. Still, I am curious about these experts’ opinions this time more than before.

I looked at a financial crisis in the past as a reporter, but this time I look at it from a different perspective: For the past decade I have been working with startup companies emerging from Israel. I offer my services as a communications strategist to those companies. I know the venture arena pretty well and try to keep pace with new markets. What I am curious about now is the course this crisis will take in my back yard.

Many people are familiar with the saying “when it rains – everybody gets wet”. When there is an economical crisis – all markets will suffer. Some more, some less, some first, some later. I am inviting experts to suggest: where, on this line, are the startup companies? By startups I mean companies that still depend on ongoing investments to get to that point where they generate enough profit to operate and keep the R&D going.

Can you imagine investments in hi-tech stop? Or cut in half? If so, which industries will suffer first? Is it going to be the semiconductors, who need the highest investments and take the longest to reach the exit? Or is it going to be the many Internet ventures, which may cost little, but carry a high risk of loosing these pennies?

What is your opinion?