I am now beginning to write the script for my venture’s demo. I have been writing so many documents, presentations, scripts, plans and specification for the past two months, and yet, it feels like the business isn’t moving. Nothing grand has happened.

Except for the global financial crisis.

This leads me to wonder not only of my venture but also of startup companies all over. Obviously there are going to be fewer investments worldwide. Priorities will change. Bread and butter will always come first. Now I need to start thinking of my venture’s connection with bread and butter.

And yet, among these worries, I got a Facebook message last night from “the co ils“, announcing that Seedcamp is coming to Israel for a mini-seedcamp event, to fish for the most promising technological startups here. Those 5 happy entrepreneurs who win the final European competition get seed investment and very valuable mentoring.

The Seedcamp program is similar to the Ycombinator and to the recently established TechAviv .
They offer a great opportunity for early seed companies who get, not only a small amount of money but also active mentoring. The active ingredient is the problematic one. All three require that the winning entrepreneurs will move for a period of 3 months to another location for that seed stage, in which they are to be guided and connected with relevant sources. Seedcamp require a move to London, UK. Ycombinator offer either the bay area in the winter or Cambridge (US) in the summer and TechAviv talk about NYC.

All three seed investment bodies assume that a startup entrepreneur can do it. Detach from everything, family, home, friends, office, and move for a period of 3 months and all in the name of the business’ success.

If I am not willing to ditch my kids and husband for 3 months, does that mean that I am not a devoted enough entrepreneur? Or does it mean that I am both a mother and an entrepreneur?

I think it means I’ll have to work harder by myself and it will probably take longer.