While working on the script for a demo to present my startup venture, I am approaching the dreaded point where I will need to get other people’s money to advance my vision. In other words: fish for investors.

‘Investors’ are like a dirty word nowadays. When talking to other entrepreneurs the word “investors” or “investment” is whispered. As if by saying it out loud the dream will crumble and disappear.

The gloom projections for 2009, based on the sad financial events at the closure of 2008, add to a global pessimist atmosphere. The “realists” I meet say to me, nodding their heads, “well… a startup venture?? Now??? This is really not the time, you know??”

Well, what can I say, it’s now that I have this idea, and not later. True, I assume the competition will be fierce and the chances of landing that deserved funding are lesser this year. But that does not mean that by putting my project on hold for two years I will be able to promote the idea faster or safer then.

So I am back to my desk. Following the financial news and learning of the financial figures. I am trying to adopt my message to current times and events and see if I can find that path into some investors’ hearts.


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