I don’t know how it happened exactly, but when I went to look at the map, my daughter thought I was going to get off, so she ran off the train, the door closed, and I stayed on the train for another station, while she was out there, all alone, on the corner of 53rd and fifth, middle of Manhattan.

While I was attempting to get right back on the train back one station, she went out to the street level to get a mobile reception. By the time the train arrived, she was outside, trying to call me, but I was under ground, no reception.

She didn’t freak out. She looked around, realized that where she was is approximately 4 blocks away from our apartment and started to head back to the apartment.

I was worried that she won’t panic or attempt to go on the next train after me and prayed that she was smart enough to remember that when you lose your parent you are supposed to stay at the same place and not move. Especially since I saw her get off and I knew where she was.

Later that evening she explained to me that she went a little further away from the subway station because she had no reception and it took her a while to realize she had to select a mobile operator. “By the time I realized that”, she said, “I was already one block away and didn’t sea the subway station at all, so I thought it would be simpler to head right to the apartment”.

The evening ended with giant smiles to conclude her little adventure.


When I was 14 I could only dream of going abroad. But I was a lot more independent in traveling around on my own, in my city of Haifa and even to Tel-Aviv. I began traveling by public bus when I was 9 years old. No cell phones then.

Still, missed being able to explore new countries. I am so happy, as a mother, to be able to travel abroad with my kids and award them with these experiences, and education.

Strangely enough, on the plain on our way to the States, I told my daughter, that while this girls’ trip is a joy for me, I can’t help thinking about my first time in New-York. Making the revelation, discovering this incredible city all by myself. I was 23 at the time. There is no doubt that this is a totally different experience then visiting it for the first time of your life with your parent, which normally would assume responsibility for … well, not getting lost, for instance.

So I could well understand how the little adventure yesterday ended with her feeling a little ‘high’. I was happy to realize how grown up a 14 year old really is.