So many teasers promoted earth day. One would have thought this could turn into a world wide environmental celebration. But as often happens with this type of events, it was mainly used from promoting this firm or the other for doing something irregular, like, cycling for office electricity or using the spinning gym to generate some power.

When asked to ponder about this day and say what it really means to me and what I’d like this day to be – I get to other places.

The first natural place I get to is Education on Earth. I have a dream in which every one on earth can get education, learn and evolve, communicate and connect. I think that if more people would be educated and knowledgeable then naturally the environmental awareness would increase. I think that given education more people on earth would be happier and kinder to each other and to our global nest. I think that education can get people more connected between them and with their surroundings, serving the Earth Day purpose.

The second place is naturally – peace. Peace should be a global task. In a peaceful earth countries wouldn’t have so spend so many resources on weapons or protection against weapons. More money would be left for education, health and yes – grooming the environment.

someone's home
someone's home

On the third place is the environment. Yes, I realize that on “Earth Day” environment was supposed to come first. But let’s admit it. It doesn’t, and placing it there for a single day or month wouldn’t change global priorities. Caring for the environment today is a luxury. If we want the environment to enter people’s priority, we must first attend to the people on this earth. People for people. Hungry people. Thirsty people. Homeless. Ill. How can one expect them to care for the environment? Only when people are cared for could they join in the thinking about the environment we all live in.