“Hey, what’s up?? Why are you wasting your time on uploading photos to the web when you have so many documents to write?”
“Because it’s fun, it’s easy, a relaxation. It’s important for my mind to relax a little. I’m an inventor. Can’t be inventing things all the time”.
“But aren’t you avoiding the real thing?? Writing all these blog posts… really… you should be fine-tuning your business plan instead”.
“Well, I lack inspiration at the moment, so I seek it elsewhere. Online”.
“Shouldn’t you be seeking it within your documents, the incredible amount of research material you’ve been accumulating for the past months or by going over what you’ve written again and again, instead of Twittering and Facebooking??”
“You know, the roots of the business I am trying to create, the original inspiration for my idea came from my life on the net – the Facebook-LinkedIn-Meetup-Ning life. It’s my soil, there I seek my brain food”.
“Very romantic… You browse your networks daily, check your email, and then let yourself be guided spontaneously to blogs, discussions or photo albums, what’s the point of that?”
“The point is to share. Actually take part in people’s lives and let them take part in mine. The point is to ping-pong. That’s what is building the inspiration fire”.

Well, don’t worry. I am not getting all Shirley Valentine here… Luckily, I have social networking. It just crossed my mind recently, while I was visiting the Museum of Natural History in New-York with my daughter. She raised an interesting question: How is it that most of the world has evolved and advanced, passed the middle ages and the renaissance, invented machines and hi-tech, and all this time, at secluded parts of earth, primitive cultures still exist? Why have they not evolved? Is it only because of the seclusion? Because the lack of ping-pong?

I think it is. I think that had it not been for our neighboring cultures we would all remain pretty savage and ignorant. The exposure to other ways of thinking and behavior is what cultivates and inspires us, makes us tick, and click, and double click.

Social networking ping-pong has certainly worked for me. I have moved faster and further in the past 9 months, than I have in all my life. And it is getting faster by the minute.

And for all those who find themselves talking to the wall, and not just writing on people’s walls – here’s a little side kick from Shirley Valentine.