It’s the promise of young life, unfulfilled dreams, hopes and aspirations. It’s that loss. The memorial day is the toughest day of the year.

I’ve been re-reading the web page about my friend and classmate, who got killed in a fight with terrorists, near Kibbutz Manara, in the Galilee, when we were 21 years old.

He was such a talented boy. Full of life and humor. Full of promises. He got killed less than 6 months before his release from the military service. I met him only a couple months before he got killed, invited him to visit me in London after his release. He never made it.


What are we left with?

Memories. Some memories are of those lives we shared until taken abruptly. Some are memories of the pain, of the lost hopes, of what could have been.

Thoughts. Thoughts about what will be. Thoughts about new hopes, new lives, and peace. There is nothing our nation wants more.