The Annual Convention of Education in Israel will take place again in Holon in less than 2 weeks. A very interesting convention about education, considering not a single teacher is going to speak there.

A first look at the agenda reveals a series of attractive topics like the gaps in education (social-economic gaps), the marketing aspects – mainly branding – of the state of education, the role of technology in education, and separately – Internet, a global look at education (how is it done in other countries), co-existence and education (Arab-Jewish), literature and education and also historical view.

Being curious about these subject I am drawn to listen. But then again, I am trying to figure out what is the purpose of this convention. It isn’t a real convention, as in meeting place, or a place for discussion, if all you have here are politicians and business people lecturing to …to whom, really?? Teachers? School managers? Or other business people and politicians.

Some very important keys are held in the hands of these two segments: the politicians as decision makers, and the business people as those who have the ability to impact decisions and finance ventures.

But where are the executers??

What good is it to hold a lecture and refer to some YouTube clips showing embarrassing school moments, when there are no teachers nor students to refer to those events or clips??

What is the point in talking about the importance of technology in education when there are barely enough computers at schools?

Branding education or the teaching profession? Sure, that’s very important. A great work can be done here. But you know what? You never start with branding, you start with the product.

And that brings us to the final lecture of the day – “the state of education” (strangely enough, on all Hebrew formats, this title is displayed in English). Branding can’t change the state of education. It is my belief that a process of change must begin before we approach branding. A goal must be marked before any branding work can begin.