When I set out and decided I am going to pursuit my dream and become a full time entrepreneur I couldn’t imagine this. That endless number of hours spent on thinking. I mean, of course you’ve got to think. I think there for I am. But we’re used to thinking and acting. Thinking and doing. Thinking with team members.

Yet here I am, a struggling early-stage entrepreneur and I find myself spending a lot of time on thinking, as in reflecting. Not writing, though sometimes scribbling. No team work, though I often talk it out with my colleagues or mentors. Still most of the work is thinking.

I want to be able to be totally focused when I finally go out there and recruit or raise funds. I want to be able to have an answer for every question. I don’t want to postpone dealing with these questions to a later stage. I know, from my experience as a consultant, how wrong it can be so start up with not enough ready answers.

So thinking it is. Strangely enough, though it is time consuming and energy draining, it doesn’t “feel like work”. There is no actual product for every hour of work. And that thinking job consumes every minute of my being. When I shower, when I drive the kids to their afternoon classes, when I do my daily Sudoku, when I eat, or talk with my friends, when on vacation. There isn’t a stone on the street that won’t be able to generate inspiration when I am on the job. It just gives a whole new meaning to a full time job.