Imagine you just had the thought of inventing a Mangorangeberry, a product that doesn’t exist yet. Sure there are oranges, there are mangoes and there are berries, there are even fruit salads, but no one has thought or produced anything similar to your idea of Mangorangeberry.

You begin to explore the market and see what they could be thinking about such an idea, without giving away the exact map of your Mangorangeberry. You encounter many people who are talking about the need for a combination of these flavors, these textures, the colors and the shapes of oranges, mangos and berries.

You read articles of great scholars explaining the need for change in the fruit market, especially the combination of oranges, mangos and berries. You encounter professional chefs aching to get their hands on such a combination. And thousands of hungry people seem to be just waiting for your Mangorangeberry to appear.

You know the concept is right.
You know the timing is perfect.
You know what should be done.


You need to buy the land, buy the seeds, hire professional lab researchers to develop the combination’s seeds, plant the seeds, grow the plants, harvest and then, begin the tasting phase. You have a great idea, but you can’t make it happen all alone. You will either need money to buy the land, seeds, lab work and field work, or you need to get partners: one with the land, one a lab pro, one with the seeds… OK, with the planting and harvesting you can manage.

Now the search begins.
And potential partners are all over the place. They are interested. They are enthusiastic about your idea. But still, you haven’t found the partner with the land, or the partner who’s the lab pro and are available to join you.
Those partners, who will contribute their new set of skills, totally different from the set of skill you bring in, are hard to come by. Or they are too busy. Or they can’t afford to invest their time and effort in your startup.

Or maybe you aren’t looking in the right direction? Or perhaps you have been making the wrong offer?