A idea sneaked on me this afternoon: I would like to establish a new movement, social and political movement, the sort that can become a universal force. An Ed Reform Movement. Black Panthers of Education. Well, not exactly.

It actually evolved from a new facebook group titled (free translation from Hebrew) “Parents ‘Yes We Can’ Reform Education”. I thought, why only parents? What about students who care and have a say? And then I thought about parents to be, and parents who’s kids aren’t in school any more, but they see the deep roots and high tops of the education tree and they want to take part and affect the change. And the teachers?? Oh, yes, those teachers who care and want to change and make a difference but their hands are tied by a heavy and old fashioned system.

Then I thought, if such a movement would be established, it should sweep everyone, all sectors in Israel, religious and non religious, Jewish and Arab, and Bedouin and Druse. Those who are interested in politics and those who aren’t – but they are all interested in their kids and their future. Such a movement could campaign in the next elections and win a seat or two – and get more budgets for education – and all those who are expected to cry about the education budget being taken from the police, the defense, health, labor, – all those will hopefully get to see how much money can larger education budgets actually save on all others.

And then I thought, well, actually, this should be a world movement. Nothing unique to Israel here. Education systems are at a critical point all over the world. How different things would be had we invested more in education in the weaker parts of this earth. How much could we have gained in terms of less hunger and illnesses. Less wars and more conversation. It all starts and ends in education, people. And it’s all in our own hands.

Oh, why should it only be a dream?