One of my greatest pleasures in traveling is meeting people. I just got back from a family vacation in Scotland where I met several interesting people. Not just Scottish, by the way.

You can talk about anything with new people. Starting with the weather. Scottish people don’t really appreciate their weather, which I can understand after spending only 2 weeks there…

But I guess the most interesting meeting I had on this vacation was with a couple from South Africa. As if to complete the interesting conversation we held in a pub, during the final game of the Mondial, the movie I saw on the flight back to Israel was “Invictus”, the 2009 production by Clint Eastwood about Nelson Mandela’s first run as president of South Africa focusing in his relationship with the captain of the South African Springboks rugby team and the clever use of sports to unite the nation. Really great movie.

The South African couple we met love their country passionately. They have 3 daughters there and they are very proud of them all. Obviously, given my interest and their eldest daughter’s, the conversation soon turned to the topic of education. Shortage of budgets make education a difficult task there, as in many other countries around the world. I just keep wondering how is it possible that education falls behind so often, when in fact, it is the key to solving so many problems: in health, employment, personal safety and security and can save governments so many budgets in the future…

We also spoke of entrepreneurship, as their second daughter has recently established a business. They said unemployment rates are very high as many people in their country have no tendency to entrepreneurship or interest in work, and so poverty spreads. This is very sad and something I find hard to understand. From where I’ve been standing, especially for the last 3 years, it seems I am right at the junction of the solution to most global problems: education and entrepreneurship.

Surprisingly last night I came across a nice TED presentation, by Cameron Herold, that speaks about educating kids to entrepreneurship. Well, what do you know? My thoughts exactly!

Watch it here: