Having to write and re-write executive summaries, business plans and a variety of texts for various uses doesn’t leave much time to blog. The micro blogging going on Twitter is a consolation prize, but it’s not as good as a full text blog.

I am now officially wearing the hat of my own company’s CEO. All through thinking and working towards the official launch of the company no one was wearing any hat. The hats were all lying around, waiting patiently. It’s time to start wearing some now.

All this hatting business reminded me of this hilarious scene of the “39 Steps”, where two actors switch between several roles, represented mainly by – hats. Establishing a startup you get to feel exactly like that on a daily basis:

It’s pretty easy to list the major hats in every hi-tech startup. You’ve got the CEO hat first, then the Technical hat or product hat, then the marketing hat. In between there’s an operations hat, and a financial hat, and an HR hat and the other hats, that are hanging just underneath those heavy hats, on the same crowded hat hanger.

When you’re bootstrapping the founders of the company have to divide those hats between them. It’s a very exciting time when a CEO gets to be also the VP marketing, Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources manager, and the President is in fact the Chief Operating Officer, the VP R&D, the Chief architect and Designer and, in our case, location’s fault, he is also the VP Business Development.

In a way it feels absurd. We’re at the point where we have the biggest amount of work to perform – creating the system, developing it and marketing it. Yet, this is the point where we have the least amount of resources to perform all these tasks. So it’s up to us to be fantastic hat jugglers.

It’s not easy to juggle all those hats. These can be stressful sleep-deprived times. Yet, to be perfectly honest, it’s also a lot of fun and excitement. The feel of generating something totally new, the feel of pioneering, of having to do with just what you’ve got, and still make it happen.