Why didn’t I do my first startup 14 years ago? It was shortly after ICQ was launched that I had my first “big” startup idea. It was a couple of years after I acquired my degree in marketing and left print journalism in favor of the internet. I had a 6 digit ICQ ID which I was very proud of. I thought the ICQ technology could be easily adopted for advertising and sales: let people sign up to get news and updates from their chosen brands and sellers. I even found the perfect name for this startup: Lemino.

I toyed with the idea for months. Drafted business documents. Began creating a system flow. Then I met with a seasoned entrepreneur, at the time “between CEO jobs”, hoping to recruit him and together build this company.

In retrospect – this was probably my major mistake. And it happened because 14 years ago, I was too young to realize it wasn’t a leader I needed, but a team. Preferably a technical one.

The idea melted away, I needed income and I abandoned it, along with quite a few good ideas that came before and after it. It took several good years of acquiring experience in several domains to realize I have what it takes, always had it. And it’s time to go swimming.