This silly question kept popping over the past few weeks, as I have been working on both – the launch of my startup company, and the launch of my son into adulthood.

So a child reaches the age of 13 and there’s a bunch of ceremonies and traditions worldwide around the grand achievement of getting to a 13th birthday (give or take a year or two). All are aimed at marking his entrance to a world of adults.

We celebrated this event yesterday with the family at a restaurant. My son was excited and touched, proud and happy. He received many blessings and presents. Can’t do without the symbolic sentence like “you are now…” bla bla bla (although I think that was the waitress). This morning he found it hard to get out of bed. First day of the week. Then he started coughing and declared he is sick. The child remains a child. No ceremony can change that.

I found an interesting correlation with the launch of our startup company, Saveby. The fact that you announce the launch of an alpha version – doesn’t mean, of course, this baby can now walk. There’s such a long way ahead of us. The transition to “adulthood” can take steps forward and backwards just like adolescents do.

It just made me think that perhaps, the Bar-Mitzva and similar adulthood ceremonies should be postponed for another 5-10 years. Or better still, don’t let age or ceremonies decide adulthood, let development announce it, when it’s there.

As for the start up – at least there the convention is simple: when it walks you can remove the “beta” for the title. OK, my son is now in beta.