They have courage and determination. We look at them and we admire from afar. A little envious I suspect. Things bug them in their day to day lives so they do something about it, they take initiative and march in the streets. Because they want things to be different. They’re just like entrepreneurs.

Why are we envious? Because for some reason we, the Israelis, are not really the types to fill the streets with our voices or presence. We don’t do these marches and demonstrations. There are never real “riots” here. In most cases, when we get angry or frustrated we talk about it, write about it, discuss it, and get a little angrier. Then we promise we will punish the current government in the next elections, only to find out, when the time comes, there aren’t that many alternatives.

But that’s OK. We’re entrepreneurs. We are. We just don’t do it in the streets. We invent our own solutions, first for ourselves, then for our dearest and closest, then for our cities or towns, and sometimes we extend our reach and PR. We just keep inventing stuff. It greatly reduces feelings of frustration and helplessness.

I was just thinking what a great Middle-East this could have been had there been a collaboration between the power and will of our neighbors and the inventing minds here.

For amazing photos from Egypt look here: