Call me crazy but I do not like my iPad. Is it OK if I say it out loud? It’s not that I am that infatuated with my ancient Nokia phone. I would much rather have an iPhone or Nexus that can keep me connected everywhere all the time. But the iPad is just not it.

I can’t put it in my pocket, for starters. You could point out the advantage of the screen size. It’s definitely nicer to browse, read or write when your screen is larger. But if we’re talking a larger screen – I’d vote for my cute Asus netbook. At least there I’m familiar with the functionality; Can write or create documents using those friendly familiar programs like Microsoft Office or Open Office. None of those are perfect – but at least I don’t have to pay an extra sum to download an app that will enable editing my office docs, and will never be fully compatible or support all the languages I need.

I hate it that it doesn’t have a camera to support my Skype connections. I hate it that it doesn’t have a slot for my camera’s memory card. I hate it that downloading items to it is so complicated and requires a special program. Oh, and I hate it that I can’t browse flash web sites. I really do.

I’ve been trying to set up my email accounts. It takes so long I simply abandoned the process each time. Last night I decided that this time I will work through the whole process and not abandon in the middle. You could say that years of windows have messed me up – but all the buttons are in the wrong places. The amount of time needed just to set the iPad’s basic functionalities is driving me nuts. All I want is to take my seat behind the wheel and drive, without having to look for the stick shift or wonder which meter should I choose to look at now…

Yes, I love it that YouTube is full of little clips of 2-3 year old driving the iPad like some expert drivers. It’s really cool. But let’s give it another thought: did they set their email accounts? IMs? Define network connections? No – someone else did it for them. Now they’re playing. And here I must agree, it’s a very nice toy to have if you’re into playing. I love games. But please, stop calling it a work tool, unless a big portion of your work is showing off and presenting a trendy façade. For me, a workaholic, there’s just not enough time to waste on turning it into a real working tool. I guess when I find some extra time, I’ll probably fall for it like so many others. But for now, let me hate it peacefully and get back to work.