A group of investors has been waiting for me to finish a few documents. So my guess is they might be surprised if I put up a new blog post before I submit their expected papers. Priorities, you know. This post got delayed. But along this ongoing process of funding my startup I can’t help but looking at my potential suppliers – those people with the money – and consider their marketing strategy: The investors’ marketing strategies.

As we, the entrepreneurs are searching for funds, and work really hard to market ourselves; we often forget that the people we try to market-to are also working hard on marketing themselves to us.

Investors, whether angels or funds, have to market not only to their investors, but also to the fund-seeking entrepreneurs. They compete on getting the best entrepreneurs coming through their doors first. Some acknowledge this reality better than others: The attitudes range between those who are playing hard to get to those who are open and accessible. Those you can only contact via a shared connection, to those who put their email-Facebook-twitter up there. Those who have you fill out forms to those who will happily get a friendly cup of coffee with you.

It was more than a decade ago that one of my clients was a major Israeli VC fund. I had consulted them on their web positioning and executed the project with the best GUI expert I have known, Yoav Perry, who happens to be my cofounder at Saveby, our startup. I just remembered that experience and considered the long way that web positioning and marketing tactics has made since. Well, at least in some cases. The most interesting cases are those revealing a unique positioning.

So starting close to home with the Israeli VCs I’ll disclose my interest first: My husband is Partner and CFO at Genesis Partners, one of the earliest and leading VCs in Israel. This is their homepage, the images switch randomly.

Genesis Partners Homepage
It's all about the people

The “all about the people” tagline says it all and markets to all direction: the people in the fund, the people trusting the fund with their money and of course the people that the fund invests in. Funds invest in people first, before the ideas.

The people are the fund’s greatest achievement. Which is why Genesis Partners have gone even further. They established “The Junction” – a shared workspace for entrepreneurs doing their very early steps towards a startup company. With an internet connection, a coffee machine and a conference room they fulfill the early stage entrepreneurs’ needs, and all that for less than the coffee costs. Did we mention marketing strategy?