When I started to write this blog it was a gentle entry back into the creative writing world. I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first book when I was 9 years old. It was called “The Terrific Ten”, and was written under a heavy influence of “The Secret Seven” and “The Famous Five”. It spread over several notebooks and I also illustrated it.
I resolved to shorter writings until, at the age of 14, I have completed a romantic short novel. This was written on a bet. Trying to encourage my best friend to widen her horizons and read some “serious books”, I bet her I can write a romantic book like those she reads. I completed it over a course of several weeks, and again, several notebooks. She loved it. She was the only one permitted to read it.

I did not publish any of my writings, until I became a journalist about a year later. I loved writing and considered journalism the best way to make a living out of what I really love: writing. But journalistic writing isn’t as creative as fiction.

Nor is the business type of writing I’ve been doing for more than a decade now, ever since I quit my last position as a daily newspaper’s stock exchange correspondence.

This blog is the 4th type of writing I’ve been into, and just recently that creative bug been biting me again. Like even this isn’t enough. I’ve got to set my writing bug free and just go for it. Let it loose. Maybe I’ll start with short writings here…and there…