There’s a kind of sadness in the air nowadays. Some may not feel it creeping on them, but it’s really hanging above all our heads. All these flashes of adrenalin while protesting and demonstrating can mask the sadness. And the fear. But this is no longer a whisper.

People have been gathering in various protests and revolutions. It’s not really fair to compare between Cairo and Tel-Aviv, but there are similarities. It’s the web 2.0 revolution. It was only a matter of time.

Beer Sheba Demonstration, by Rafi Michaeli

In past times it was easier for regimes and governments to keep people oppressed. Sometimes they didn’t realize just how oppressed they were or that life can be better. But the web is bringing this knowledge all over the world. It’s a Wikipedia world: Free knowledge and accessible to all. Well, almost all. The result is that weaker social group have access to enough knowledge to realize just how weak they are and how oppressed or abused. It’s not going to be difficult to put them back in that frame they came out of: it’s going to be impossible.

We’re living at a time of revolution, but it’s really a stage in human evolution. One that has to happen no matter what government you have.

The scary part is that those who rebel and raise their heads have too much knowledge to be ever satisfied, and too little knowledge to know what to demand.

Think Tsunami and volcanoes erupting are scary? The human tsunami wave that’s going to flash the globe is scarier than all. If governments won’t speed up deep reforms processes and come up with reasonable solutions to their people’s distress, nuclear power is going to be the least of this planet’s worries.

In light of recent events, Tracy Chapman really sounds like a prophet. And I love this song.

Oh, and just to be clear, this is just the beginning. Wait until students will break our of school walls. Then we’ll be talking revolution.