I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already. I will never forget this day. None of us will. We have been living under a terror attack ever since. Watching a 6 years old going through a public body search at Frankfurt airport, or an old lady struggling to take her shoes of for the security check at JFK. This is life under terror.

Looking at terrorists where ever they are, there’s one thing in common, defining terror, and that’s violence and a crave to kill. When you look at all these groups their goals melt in the background, as nothing more than excuses to get violent, kill and terrorize. Play god. Feel the power.

The world’s biggest mistake is by looking at each terrorist group or action as if it is a private war, concerning only the country where it happened. Obviously, attacking the US has turned it into a little more public affair. But if countries like our neighbors, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon think this giant terror tsunami does not concern them – then they are blind. Giving terrorists the power to get organized in order to attack and kill civilians – is basically giving them the power to organize a coo. Oops.

I remember watching it live
I remember watching it live

And I’m back to education.

Calling the whole world to start working on teaching the younger generations the basic human wrong and right. Killing – wrong. Talking – right. Conversing even better.

Education: give your younger generations knowledge and tools to build their lives, to develop, to earn a living, to be creative. Show them there’s a way to live your life without needing to fight, hate, kill, destroy. Teach them that revenge only generates revenge and more hate. No one wins.

When I look at where we are, a decade after this horrid 9/11, I can easily get hopeless. Has anything improved? Was there any change for the better for any population around the world following this attack? Did the terrorists gain anything? Did their pursuers?

What WILL make us a better world and change our lives for the better?

Only global education can save us. Real education. The kind which enables kids to learn, and not just be fed propaganda of hate and violence. Think about it when you watch the video clip below: