It’s the International Week of the Gifted this week, and we’re heading towards The International Year of Giftedness and Creativity. I like the tying together of giftedness and creativity. The government tests used in Israel to test kids for the special program for the gifted do not have room for creativity. They are mainly concerned with how high is the kid’s level is in math and reading comprehension. Creative giftedness has no room in those programs, and that’s a shame. Especially when you consider our country being titled a “startup nation”. 

As a team member of The Global Entrepreneurship Week I’m trying to tie giftedness and entrepreneurship together in a new volunteer project: The Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge. I intend to launch it in November 2012, during the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012.

It’s a simple idea really: collect challenges, problems, dilemmas, wishes, hopes, dreams – from business people, investors, government institutions, social and environmental organizations – and from the kids themselves.

Problems can range from the millennium goals as defined by the UN, to simple challenges like creating a new mobile game that does this or that, to wild crazy ideas like develop a floating school bag that isn’t so heavy.

I’ve seen young kids discuss the budget crisis in hospitals and alternative ways of solving this. I am pretty sure what they can come up with isn’t the same as what the experienced consultants suggest. I’ve seen other challenges like better design for schools, entertainments solutions in poor neighborhoods, scientific education in kindergarten, and musical education for the elderly. All are fantastic challenges and I can’t wait to see what kids will do to solve them and how many more gifted and creative kids we will discover in the process. No tests involved.

A call for challenges: at this stage, and until November, I am collecting ideas and also registering schools who want allow their students to participate. Please help by adding your challenge in your area of interest, from your own experience or frustration, either as a comment here or as a post it here: and don’t forget to pass it along to your friends, colleagues and neighbors.