It’s my dad’s birthday. He should have been 79 years old. The past 7 months without him have been the saddest in my life. He passed away suddenly and without warning. 3 weeks before embarking on his big trip to the US to visit 2 of his kids and their families. I look at his recent photos and there’s something crazy going in my head. The knowledge that he’s gone doesn’t work out very well with the feeling that he is very much alive and with us. It’s all a trick.

I miss dad so much. My kids miss him too. It’s amazing to discover just how much he’s been a part of our daily lives, though he lived 100 kilometers away from us. His diverse and extensive knowledge has always been a source of pride: not so much for him as for us. We always had some sort of a a living Wikipedia in our lives. And let me tell you, the living version is a lot more fun. It smartly adjusts the way knowledge is conveyed to the curious child.

High schooler instructor
High schooler instructor

As we go through his things we discover this accumulated knowledge is mainly the result of years of extensive reading of books, magazines and publications. His ability to self-teach was really impressive. From languages, to clocks and watches, to aircrafts, to engineering, to materials, to management. And music, art, history, geography. Not to mention technology. In his way, his pace, his order and emphasis of interests. But it seems he’s been all around. That sharing of his knowledge really connected us all, his kids and grandchildren, all that passion for knowledge!

And in that spirit I keep on the flame. I keep learning. I keep sharing my knowledge. I keep nurturing that love of learning and knowledge with my kids and do my best to spread it around. And I strongly believe in doing it at your pace, with your emphasis. For your pleasure. Guided by your passion.