Lemino – Forum

You may have the best idea in the world – but if you don’t let people know about it – you won’t be flying very high.

Along the way of establishing a start-up company, you must communicate to many types of audiences. What you are communicating and how you are doing it may have a crucial effect on your company’s success.

At Lemino, I offer hi-tech companies help in planning their business AND communications strategies, in accordance with each other. The result is a clearer positioning, stronger brand and easier long term planning for the company line of business.

On this page I invite you, hi-tech professionals, to ask for advice or opinion. You do not need to specify the name of your company, however a real email address or web site is helpful.

You can send your questions by email to or-tal at or-tal dot com, and specify “forum” in the subject line. You will be notified when your question will be posted with its answer on this page.