There’s a say “when the guns are roaring the muses are quiet”. As if inspiration is out during times of war, when survival is what occupies our minds. Yet, some wonderful works of arts are known to be inspired by or created during war time. I’d like to say that I am inspired by peace, or rather by the hope for peace. My other source of inspiration is the urge to create games. Preferably have one ready in less than 3 months, for when I finish my 1-year game design program. HumanFace

So I came up with an idea to create a peace inspiring game. For this project to happen I need your help. Everybody’s help. I need photographs of faces, portraits of people of any age, color, race and sex. The photo needs to be a head shot only. No background or environment. I don’t need to have a name or any identifiers. Only city/country of residence or nationality. This is going to be a fun and simple look on human faces. Or humanity’s face. Please help me by sending your photos to: and by sharing this post. Thanks.